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The Best Way To Build a Water Damage Restoration Website

Customers who need immediate assistance with water damage search for and visit restoration company websites. A well-designed site makes it easy to learn about a company and make a service request. From selecting a color scheme and designing a site for computers and mobile devices to posting quality content, here is an overview of the web design techniques that set the website of SOS Mitigation apart from the competition.

Choose the Right Colors

colors water damage restoration
Red, blue and white like the US flag

The color scheme of a website determines its overall appearance. Company colors and other colorful elements on a page can have a direct effect on the behavior of site visitors. The SOS Mitigation website incorporates three colors:

  • Blue
  • Red
  • White

Blue is the predominant color on the site homepage. The company logo incorporates a blue field dotted with stars from the American flag. The word “Mitigation” in the company name is also rendered in blue with a fill gradient. The top banner and footer at the bottom of the page are predominantly dark blue, which communicates a sense of calm, serene trust according to color psychologists.

Red appears as an accent color to direct visitors’ eyes toward menus and buttons. By combining the primary colors red and blue in graphics and rendering text as dark lettering over a white background, the website designers create a contrast that makes every page easy to read and navigate.

Design a Structure-Responsive Website

responsive design
Water damage restoration responsive design

Many prospective customers access restoration company web pages on smartphones and mobile devices. A desktop or even a laptop computer may not be readily available, depending on the damage that has occurred. Websites for businesses in industries that provide emergency services should be accessible or functional on any interface.

Responsive design brings together flexible grids, layouts, and design elements to allow pages to display properly on any interface. Blocks that are displayed horizontally on wider computer or tablet screens are often arranged vertically on mobile devices to support scrolling. Web designers should do thorough testing to ensure that every page and form on a site displays properly across devices and screen sizes.

Use Proper Website Elements

water damage form

Web elements ultimately determine the appearance and functionality of a website. From illustrative graphics to widgets that display contact information and forms that make it simple for visitors to contact a company, every element on a site should be functional and well-designed.

In addition to text, images, and forms, websites often incorporate animations. Lottiefiles are among the most popular formats for adding animations that are resolution-independent, multi-platform, and scalable to websites. This JSON-based animation file format has a smaller file size than other common web graphics to support faster loading.

Post Great Water Damage Restoration Content

content for water damage restoration

Websites that post engaging content on a consistent basis can cultivate a larger and more loyal customer base. A blog on a restoration website can provide information about services and mitigation measures customers may be able to take until professional help arrives on location.

On-page search engine optimization methods reward posting relevant blog content. When major search engines index sites, the algorithms that drive these services reward sites that regularly publish content containing relevant keywords and search phrases. For a water damage restoration company website, these terms might include “broken pipe,” “flooding,” “pipe burst” or “standing water.”

Upload Media to the Website

water damage website

Photos, videos, and other forms of media are essential to modern website design. These features make pages more visually appealing and may include metadata for accessibility and SEO. A website designer can assess the relevance of media and ensure that files display properly on any device.

Uploading authentic and original media files along with alt text, tags, and other metadata can raise the ranking of a website on search engine results pages. When combined with other on-page SEO measures such as consistent company information and unique content, high-quality media can take a restoration company website to the next level.

All of these elements are demonstrated on the website of SOS Mitigation, a water damage company located in Queens, New York City that provides cleanup and sanitizing services for water, mold, fire, smoke, storm, and wind damage across the New York Metropolitan Area. The SOS Mitigation website provides prospective customers with information and contact methods to start the damage restoration process.

For a site that features this same attention to the details that make a great website, turn to Buffalo Booster. This innovative SEO company developed SOS Mitigation’s site and can do the same for your business, so get in touch today for effective web design.

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