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PPC campaign VS. Organic SEO

The basic understanding of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign VS. organic SEO is crucial for your business survival. While Pay Per Click campaign may bring immediately results. On the other hand, it will cause destructive consequences in the future. In spite of that, Organic SEO plan is always for the long term. But from the very first call, the way up is pretty fast.

PPC Pros

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PPC Pros

Quick setup
Easy to measure & track
Top position on Google

PPC Cons

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PPC Cons

Climbing cost per click
Competitors' clicking
Constant daily work

Is PPC campaign worth the money?

It depends. When you establishing a new business. There are times that you would agree to spend lots of money on advertisement & brand awareness. As a matter of fact, PPC campaign can bring in a lot of work. But when a click cost is 50% of your revenue, you have to think on a long term plan.

Where there is an aggressive competition, you might experience false clicks from other competitors just to spend down your budget.

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PPC Campaign in Buffalo NY

Organic SEO - Great for the Long Term

Organic SEO Pros

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Organic SEO Pros

No cost Per Click
High Volume Traffic
Best branding & awareness

Organic SEO Cons

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Organic SEO Cons

Ongoing work
It takes time to get results
Customer collaboration is needed

Is Organic SEO Plan worth the money?

Always. A business that leans only on a PPC campaign will find soon that Google Adwords is actually more a partner than another way to promote your business. On the other side, Google also hire SEO specialists to drive more organic traffic to their own products. The meaning of that is that Google’s organic algorithm is close to perfection.

When you act by the rules and using only White Hat SEO strategies, your website would definitely be ranked higher than others that don’t. The higher you rank is, the higher traffic volume you get and much better lead quality.

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Organic SEO plan in Buffalo NY

Are you in a need of Organic SEO plan For a small business? This is how you should start

The basics of every business is a business name (better check out if the domain is available), a unique logo, brand colors & a  business strategy – You have to have basic understanding about  your business strengths and weaknesses.

Purchasing a domain & hosting, connecting the website to Google, Bing & Yahoo. This step isn’t less important than buying equipment. Since being ranked on search engines takes time (and domain age matters), you have to start with the above ASAP.

Building a website according your business’ strategy guidelines is not a child’s’ play. It requires a deep understanding of your business needs, fitting the website to Google’s algorithm requirements, implementing new technologies such as AMP & Accessibility. And design the website for desktop, tablet & mobile layouts, is just a fraction of the Web design & development work to be done on each project. More complicated website will require customized development.

Planning your website structure by the business strategy is highly important. Building internal links and sitemap, alt-tagging the images, caption on videos, fresh and attractive content is a must in order to be ranked well organically on any of the search engines. 

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Seo & SMM strategy

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