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SEO for Locksmiths | Project for Heritage Locksmith in Buffalo, NY Buffalo Booster

SEO for Locksmiths | Project for Heritage Locksmith in Buffalo, NY!

SEO for Locksmiths | Project for Heritage Locksmith in Buffalo, NY!

SEO for Locksmiths | Project for Heritage Locksmith in Buffalo, NY!

SEO for Locksmiths | Project for Heritage Locksmith in Buffalo, NY! | Buffalo Booster.

SEO for Locksmiths: Check out the work we performed for Heritage Locksmith in Buffalo, NY!

SEO for Locksmiths, why? Being a locksmith is a tough industry. You have competition from all sides. On one side you have other local locksmiths, on another you have large chain locksmiths and then you have to deal with companies like, Walmart making keys cheap. 

How can you compete? SEO for Locksmiths is the answer!

Take a look at the project we completed for Heritage Locksmith. Notice how over the course of 1 year we were able to take Heritage Locksmith from the bottom of Google to the top. We can do the same for you!


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Project: Heritage Locksmith

Background: Amir started this project in 2015. The owner of Heritage Locksmith had built the site originally and hosted it himself. The website would come up on the first page of Google however, it would usually be in the 6th or 7th spot. The content he had uploaded to the site was good but, it wasn’t search engine optimized. 

Goal: Build a new website, write good content and most importantly, improve SEO!

The first step to any new project is researching on Google. We carefully analyze competitor’s websites to see what they are doing. We research the main keywords/services to focus on. Good content is king on websites since this is what will help websites to be found by Google, Bing, etc. Once we have keywords in place, we can now start creating the best content that will boost SEO.  

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At Buffalo Booster, we take each of our clients by-the-hand and pull them up to the top! 

Primary Tasks:

Create Professional Content: 

Over the course of this project, Amir created 1.9k pages for Heritage Locksmith! Since the owner of Heritage Locksmith has many skills when it comes to keys, there was a lot of unique content that needed to be created in order to get him to the top of Google. 


Keyword research is generally a first step in SEO. We spend time learning which keywords customers are using to find a business. This allows us to pinpoint the specific products or services to focus on. 

A large part of SEO is structuring the pages correctly with paragraphs, headers and images that contain the specific keywords that will be used to be found on Google. As Amir (and the Buffalo Booster team) creates content he makes sure that it is structured correctly to see the best results. 

Connecting the website with Google and Bing consoles is also very important since this notifies them to start indexing a site. They also provide keyword analytics that assist in keyword research. 

Social Media Marketing:

Amir also set up a pinterest account, Facebook page, youTube channel and Yelp account. This helps create more avenues to direct traffic to the website and helps Google see a business. One vital aspect of setting up social media accounts is to be sure they all look uniform and match the website so that one brand image is created.

We hold the keys to helping you unlock to internet world for your company! Try our SEO for Locksmiths services today!

The Results:

Today, just about any keyword you can think of to search for a locksmith in Buffalo will yield Heritage Locksmith as the #1 result. We have achieved the original goal of dominating Google!

Amir’s Thoughts About the Project:

This was a unique project because I was able to watch and observe the business from inside. When I met the owner, I realized that he is very honest and extremely knowledgeable. I have watched him work and it is amazing! He can make a key by just looking inside the keyhole, count the clicks and he knows how to cut the key. He really is very professional and honest which can be hard to find amongst locksmiths. 

This project also helped me to improve my English skills. Since I am originally from Israel, I have needed to really improve my English. Writing content for 1.9k pages really helped! 

From start to finish, I really enjoyed this project. It makes me very happy and content to see the results from our hard work. -Amir Cohen

SEO for Locksmiths: We have the solution for you!

SEO for Locksmiths: We have the solution for you!

Interested in learning more? Check out our services page or fill out the ‘contact us‘ form and will get you on the Internet Highway before you know it!

-The Buffalo Booster Team

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