SEO Company in Buffalo, NY

SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and Beyond!

SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and Beyond!

SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and Beyond!

SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and beyond!

SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and beyond is an article designed to help small business owners understand why Search Engine Optimization is necessary. How do you get found on Google? Keep reading to find the answer!

Car, plane, horse and boat. SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY. Buffalo Booster

Which of these is an airplane?

An exercise in SEO:

Which one of these is a mode of transportation? Which one is an animal? Which one is the fastest mode of transportation? Which one is an airplane?

Great you are now a search engine! You aren’t about to be the next Google but, you get the idea, right? 

This is what search engines do for us everyday. Whether we use Google, Bing, Siri, OK Google, Alexa, etc. We ask a question ‘where is the closest bakery?’ as you hit enter, the search engine almost immediately spits out a list of places it has determined to be a bakery near you. It’s that simple. 

Every time we use Siri, a mapping program, even Facebook to find something, we are making use of a search engine. We don’t even really think about it. The word ‘google’ isn’t just a noun it is a verb. “When did the Berlin Wall Fall?” “hmm… I can’t remember, I’ll Google it”. Google has not only massively influenced how we find things or how we learn but, it has also greatly influenced our vocabulary! Just think, prior to 1996 the word ‘Google’ didn’t exist. 

Enough about Google. Well, not actually! Are we ever really done with Google? (like that requires an answer) Google is the pretty much the judge in all things search engine. 

How do you get Google to find your business?

wedding cake. SEO Explained. Buffalo Booster Buffalo NYburnt cake. SEO explained. buffalo booster buffalo, NY

Which one of those cakes would you serve a guest? 

Google the Judge:

Google judges for us whether something good or bad. We no longer need to pull a giant tree filled phonebook off the shelf to find the closest bakery. We no longer need to test one out blindly without some good reviews to back it up first.

If you are a business owner you now have a different relationship with Google (and any other search engine)! Google wants to be all up in your business and it has the right to be, it’s the judge, remember? If you own a bakery and Google doesn’t think you have a bakery guess what? You’ll never be #1 on Google’s list. 

How do you get your ______________ (fill in the blank here) on Google’s top 10? 3 simple letters S E O. How can 3 letters mean so much? Well, for starters it is an acronym! Search Engine Optimization. Okay what on God’s green earth does that mean? It means that if your website plays the part it should then Google tells consumers that it is relevant to them. 

SEO is extremely important to any business that wants to be found!

What exactly does this entail? Is there some secret recipe that only a few select elite know? Some businesses would lead their customers to believe this however, true to form though Google tells all. 

The following are some key ingredients that make for some delicious SEO.

Keyword Research:

It’s exactly what you’re thinking. Research about keywords. Every business uses certain keywords to describe their business. Perhaps you’re that bakery owner. You make cakes, cookies and cupcakes. Keywords could be cupcakes, cakes, cookies etc. in Buffalo, NY (or wherever it is you’re bakery is located). Is this where it ends? Nope, but you get the idea!

Good keyword research includes spying on your competition. Seeing what keywords they use. Maybe they use spiced cupcakes as a keyword hmmm… perhaps you should use chocolate fudge cupcakes. 

Google also provides keyword analytics. Google shows us what keywords are being used most by users. This is extremely important because you want to rank #1 in keywords that your customers are  searching for.  

Keep in mind that as technology changes so do keywords. For example, a few years ago we didn’t have Siri or Ok Google. Today people say “Hey Siri, where is the closest bakery?” or “OK Google, directions to the nearest bakery”. See. These can all be keywords but, if you’re not aware of the changes then you’re website’s ranking can quickly plummet.  

There is much more to keyword research!

Good Quality Website Content

Just like that bakery uses the best ingredients they can get their hands on to provide the yummiest chocolate chip cookies, your website needs to have the best and latest ingredients. 

Today Google is looking for pictures and videos on websites. Say for example, your bakery has pictures of your latest, best creations and your competitor has none. Guess which one Google thinks is more relevant to consumers? Or, maybe your competitor is slick and offers how-to videos on making some of their creations at home! I think you know the answer to this question. 

The content on your website needs to look and smell good to Google. It needs to make sense and correctly lead Google’s search crawlers to your site. 

Just like everything else these days, your content needs to be updated regularly. For example, do you have a responsive website? Do you have a mobile-friendly version of your site? If you do, awesome. If you don’t, perhaps you’re the site that Google won’t serve to it’s mobile users.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly Sites: 

An increasing number of consumers are searching via their mobile devices. Also, remember that search assistants such as Siri and OK Google are all mobile. If you want your site to be found then it should look good and be easy-to-use on a mobile device. Users typically spend 8-10 seconds deciding whether to stay on a website for the first time. If it doesn’t look good or it is hard-to-use then you’ve lost a customer in 10 seconds flat.

A Good Sitemap

Why on earth would I need a map on my site? It serves an extremely useful and vital tool to Google’s creepy crawlers. A sitemap offers the creepy crawlers a literal map that guides them through your site. The search engine crawlers index each page on your site for Google. If they can’t figure out your homepage from your services page from your blog page, guess what? It gives up and goes to the next site (or at the very least takes a lot more work to index you site for the search engine). 

Every good website has a sitemap. Period, end of statement.

Tracking your Website Traffic:

SEO is an ongoing project. One aspect that takes time to develop is analyzing what your customer leads are doing on your website once they arrive there. It’s like having a customer come into your physical bakery and choosing which cupcakes they want. Over time, we can develop what leads are doing on your site and use that to improve your SEO. 

Another aspect of analyzing your traffic to compare the ones that convert into a sale and the ones that don’t to see how we can increase the conversion rate.



Customers coming into a bakery want fresh, warm cupcakes. Google wants the same for their customers. They want to see regular and up-to-date/trendy content. Be sure to give Google what it wants!

Stay tuned to learn more about each aspect of SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and beyond!

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