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SEO in 2018 | Plan Your Strategy Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO in 2018 | Plan Your Strategy Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO in 2018 | Plan Your Strategy Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO in 2018

Better sooner than later. Even though we are nearing the end of 2017, it’s really important to know and think how to attack our competitors on Google before they do! There are many factors you should consider in your SEO strategy. Imagine you are playing SEO chess, here are some moves you should be aware of:

1. Content is Your King | Be sure you’re keeping it up!

In chess, the king’s symbols your life in the game. If the king is captured then the game is over. That’s why you should always keep the king safe. In SEO terms that means you always need to maintain your content and be aware of the changes and the King’s position. Rules for good content are:

  1. Always be original | Duplicate content will ban your page from Google.
  2. Keep it simple | Paragraphs that are too long with no images might be good content for you, but it will be boring for your users.
  3. Don’t over optimize | Using tools such as All-In-One SEO or Yoast is great, but when every article is perfectly optimized, it looks weird to Google and other search engines. We are humans not machines and so are your users. Your content should flow well.

Seo strategies in 2018

2. Onsite SEO | Your pawns, rooks, knights and bishops.

Although content is the king, you need to make sure to guard it with plenty of strategies. In SEO terms you want to make sure each page contains a related header, titles, subtitles and lists. Be realistic, you can not win the game in one move and your page will not be ranked first as soon as you upload it. The game is based on many moves and strategies and your competitors know how to play as well. Give your users more info by directing them to other posts of yours and make sure to link other good and reliable sources as well.

3. Be Responsible and Have a Responsive Layout | Don’t play chess on a backgammon board.

It’s almost 2018, by now you have to know that there are more mobile users using their smartphones and tablets to view your content. If you already read our article about SEO in 2017 (link), your website must support mobile and tablet layouts. Having a website that supports desktop computers only will get you out of the game quickly.

4. Fast but Not Furious | The clock is ticking and your users are waiting

As we mentioned in the article SEO in 2017, you must be aware of using AMP. More than that, if your hosting provider servers are slow and unreliable, it’s time to switch to faster servers. If your hosting servers crash from time to time, your page and rank will go down.

5. Video Strategy | Your Queen in SEO chess

We have talked about the king and all the others, but the queen is really the one who does the hard work. Attacking and defending. A good video strategy can beat the game easily. Users love watching videos and they will spend more time on your website. Google and other search engines will notice that. You must have a good video strategy in order to boost your ranking.

6. SEO in 2018 and Beyond

It’s not a secret that Google and all others are developing AI algorithms. User intent is the next biggest player on the board. Search engines, social media networks and other voice assistants are programmed to analyze user intent more and more as humans. Rich and related content will be discovered much more easier than before.

C’mon, make your move.

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