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a website for a locksmith in san jose

Meet Real Time Locksmith in San Jose

We deal with a lot of locksmiths. There are mobile-only services and there are brick and mortar locksmiths that have a mobile lab to serve the area. Real-Time Locksmith in San Jose has a mobile lab, via his truck he serves the entire community of Sand Jose and beyond with good and affordable locksmith services.

Web design for a locksmith in San Jose

The website owner’s name is Kfir. Kfir is a truly professional locksmith with experience of more than 20 years in the industry. He can pick a lock within less than one minute and can program and create a new car key replacement for any car, domestic or foreign. This is the reason why many car shop owners trust him.

real time locksmith in san jose
The best locksmith in San Jose

Frontpage design for a locksmith

The previous logo of Real-Time Locksmith in San Jose was designed by an unprofessional designer. When I started this project I asked to change the logo to something more catchy and simple. The red lock in the middle of the black text makes the logo to pop-up and to embrace the shape of the lock.

Service areas locksmith campbell
Service areas template | Locksmith in Campbell, CA

The service areas template design

While the front page design was fun, to build the template for the service areas needed to be more accurate. Real-Time Locksmith in San Jose serves the entire area of San Jose. For example, one of the keywords is Locksmith in Campbell, CA. Campbell is very close to San Jose, and Kfir lives right between San Jose and Campbell. This is why this service area was important.

Right after the H1 (main header), I placed an area to show Google’s map, side by side to an image from Campbell, CA. After that, I added the post content.

What are the best topics for a Locksmith blog in San Jose?

A professional locksmith should have vast knowledge in:

  • Car key cutting and programming
  • Car remote programming
  • Change lock combination
  • Re-key locks
  • Safe Lockouts
  • Commercial lock and security accessories
  • And beyond.

In the blog, we started to post about DIY tricks and tips related to locksmith. These topics are highly searchable on Google and not just in San Jose. The reason for picking those is because we want to help people that don’t have the funds to order a locksmith service, but they are able to learn a new skill and implement it for themselves.

A locksmith from Campbell to Mountain View, CA.

When you have tons of areas, you need to build a service area page that will reflect all of your service areas. Writing a post for each area would do great for your SEO efforts and will rank you higher in those areas. You can also create child pages to the main service area and write specific keyworded articles for those areas. For example under “Locksmith in Campbell, CA” you can add:

  • Automotive locksmith in Campbell, CA
  • Car Key Replacement in Campbell, CA
  • A car lockout in Campbell, CA

And so on. This method will cause your website volume to grow, and with a proper sitemap and internal links on the website, your website will pop up on Google’s results in those areas. Make sure you have at least 350 unique words on each and every new page. Duplicating content from your website won’t help you, but duplicating others’ content to your website, will cause you a permanent penalty by Google and other search engines. So be careful and write good content that will make your new users read and comment.

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