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Meet our client: Bay Area Automatic Gates

When you search Google “Gate in San Francisco,” you’ll probably find tons of links related to the Golden Gate. As an SEO company, we’re facing many obstacles when trying to rank phrases that have a lot of backlinks at the highest ranked websites on Google. Even if you search “Gates in San Francisco,” you’ll get results related to the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Bay Area Automatic Gates – A story of success

When David approached me in the Middle of 2018, his website looked awful. Check out the design on WayBackMachine. He hired a freelance on one of the leading outsourcing websites, and the communication with the designer & developer was poor. Language gaps and different time zones made it hard to manage. Of course, the price was low, and the final result reflected it.


bay area automatic gates
The Old Bay Area Automatic Gates design


gate repair in san jose
After revamping the website design

Does a good design affect the SEO campaign?

In short, no. Without omission, there is a massive effect on your long term SEO campaign. The main reason is that one of the most significant factors on Google algorithm that checks out your page relevancy is the “Session Duration.”. Session duration means the time that each user stayed on your website. As longer, the better. Up to 3-10 seconds will be considered as bad session duration. On the other hand, when the user is staying over 2 min in one session, it is considered enough time to read the whole content.

Poor web design is a sign for a few bad things:

  • The website is old and not up to date.
  • The website owner doesn’t care about the user.
  • The User interface & experience is lame.

Excellent web design is a sign of a caring owner.

  • A fresh design matches the latest user experience.
  • Up-To-Date content and info.

When you are revamping your website, you will notice that users tend to stay longer on your website. Longer session duration leads to better ranking on the organic search results on Google, Bing, or Yahoo.

The revamping process was fast. Unlike cheap outsourcing website that allows you to connect via a closed system, we did 101 screen sharing sessions. The client participated in the process and decided exactly how the Home page will look like. We’ve built different graphics templates to the different areas on the website.

What about the On-Page SEO?

So we’ve finished the design to our client 100% satisfaction, but this was just the begging. The On-Page SEO strategy included adding many articles focused on the company’s services and service areas. Unique articles not spun articles or PLR articles. Yes, there are hundreds of new articles, but the Bay Area is a huge region, we crafted original materials for each area. Gate repair in San Jose, Electric Gate repair in San Jose, Automatic gate repair in San Jose and so on. Each article is different from the other, checked by Copyscape.

The end result is matters

So a lot of efforts has been invested to make the website up to date and attractive. Stuff that related to design, on page SEO & off page strategy. Starting from simple citations to massive backlinks building. The good results has started to come. Longer session durations, conversions and our results on Google and others.

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