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Dominate Google | Keyword Research

Dominate Google | Keyword Research

Dominate Google | Keyword Research

Keyword Research Buffalo, NY | Buffalo Booster

Keyword Research: What is it?

The beginning of SEO is keyword research.

Every business category has keywords that are specific to that business type. For example, keywords will be different for a doctor’s office versus an automotive repair shop. Implementing keyword research in your website plan is extremely important since it provides the foundation for your website. 

Keyword research helps web designers determine what content to publish on a website. 

Keywords are the words or phrases that users are searching to find specific items on the internet. 

Imagine yourself on the side of the road with a flat tire. You don’t have AAA so what do you do? Call your significant other or parent. Okay, they don’t answer. Now what? Open a mapping program and type ‘towing services nearby’. Google spits out a list of options starting with 1 and working it’s way down. You click on the first one and they’re closed. The second one is busy. Ugh!!! Now you think, maybe I can just do it myself but, how? Open Google and search ‘how to change a flat tire’. Now it offers a list of videos that you can watch. You start getting the tools you need and just as you’re about to start, a good Samaritan stops and helps. Problem solved! 


flat tire. Keyword Research Buffalo, NY | Buffalo Booster

Did you notice what you did there? You would’ve used a searching program at least twice and possibly more. We use online search tools everyday to solve our problems.

In fact according to Google, 4 out of 5 consumers conduct local searches on search engines. In that same pdf, it explains that users who conduct a local search are more likely to make a purchase or choose a service. 

If a business does not research and implement keywords properly then users cannot find that business. It’s that simple. Be found or let your competitors win! 

How is it done:

There are many facets to keyword research. One facet is the search engines themselves. Google, Bing and so on, all provide lists and numbers for keywords. You can see how many people are using a specific keyword to search and how much competition there is. 

Another facet is competitor research. Web designers dig into a competitor’s website to see what keywords they are using and how they rank on Google or Bing. The plan of attack is simply to use similar keywords and beat the competitor’s ranking! 

One more facet is using our thinking caps. Any keywords that are used on a site should be big hitters. We want to think about a business and the demographics of their customers to decide what is relevant to the consumer. 

Local keyword research is extremely important. Think about the fact that here in Buffalo, NY we say ‘pop’ when referring to soda pop but, in other areas people use the word ‘soda’ or even ‘Coke’, etc. Knowing how consumers locally phrase things is vital. If you have a website that sells flavors to make your own ‘soda pop’ in Buffalo, NY then you had better use ‘pop’ in a keyword phrase instead of soda. 

These are but a few of the many techniques that we use in keyword research and keyword research is only one tool used in SEO management.

Learn more about SEO!

Stay tuned to learn more about each aspect of SEO for Business in Buffalo, NY and beyond!

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