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How to Write a Great Blog for Your Business!

How to Write a Great Blog for Your Business!

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In the previous article, we discussed why to start a company blog. This article will teach you how to write a great blog article. Great blog articles are not only structured correctly for SEO purposes but, ones that you readers will enjoy! Check out our How to Write Great Blogs video.

The most important tip we can give you, is that while SEO friendly blog articles are extremely important, your articles needs to pique your reader’s interest. The article could be structured correctly but, if people don’t enjoy reading it, then you’ve missed the point. In light of this, please consider the writing ‘rules’ that we try to follow here at Buffalo Booster.

How to Write a Great Blog Article:

The first step in the writing process doesn’t actually include writing! Instead, you should start with thinking about your article. Spend some time thinking about what your readers might enjoy reading. You know your customers so think about them. A great question to ask is: What one main point do you want your reader to understand by the end of the article? Jot down the answer since this will help you later on. 

Another aspect of a great article is including a story, illustration or experience that relates to the topic. Write down some main points from it and try to weave that throughout your article. This can create a dialogue with your reader. Stories draw people in and keeps them reading. 

The second writing ‘rule’ that we follow is write down the key sections of the article. Remember back in school when you had to write an essay? Most of us were taught to include an introduction, body and conclusion. This holds true for blog articles. 

Write down what you plan to include in each of these sections. Now you have something to start with and you are ready to actually write your article!

Write Your Paragraphs First!

Starting with your introduction, write down a paragraph or two introducing your topic. Depending on your story, illustration or experience, you should include that in the introduction. You of course want to explain to the reader what the rest of the article will include.

Key Attributes for Paragraphs Include:

  • The first paragraph must include the direct keyword phrase that you have chosen. This sends the signal that your article is in fact about that keyword! 
  • Keep your paragraphs short. This serves two purposes. One, it makes it easier to break down and read the article for your reader. Two, it improves the SEO ranking of the article since one aspect is readability. 
  • Pick one main point per paragraph. This helps with attribute number 2 and it also makes it easy for your readers to pick out the point and remember it.

Next Up: Headings.

Once you have written all of your paragraphs, headings are important. Headings help with SEO structuring and improve readability. They organize the article for your reader so they can quickly find the information they are looking for.

Key Attributes for Headings to Include:

  • For 300-500 word articles, you need 2-3 headings. If you write a longer article, then add more headings. 
  • One heading should include the direct keyword that you picked for the article. This is purely for SEO structuring
  • Choose headings that grab attention and are specific to the topic. Avoid general phrases that don’t relate directly with the main topic.
  • The paragraph directly below a heading should include the phrasing used in the heading. This sends signals to search engines that you have relevant information.

Concluding an Article:

A good conclusion is like wrapping your article with gift wrap. Avoid ending an article abruptly since this can make your reader feel like you’ve left them on a cliff-hanger. If the article is a one-time article then simply summarize what was covered in the article. This would be a great time to use that answer you jotted down earlier! If there is a follow-up article, then include 1 or 2 sentences about what comes next!


As discussed in the videos and the previous article, writing blogs are hard work. They take time and research however, they are worth their weight in gold. We hope that you find this how-to article and video helpful! Happy writing!

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