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Google's new features for local restaurants and hotels | Tech news

Google’s New Features for Local Restaurants and Hotels.

On June 27, 2017 Google announced that they are adding two new features that will improve your local business visibility. These features are still in the testing phase. What does this mean for your business and what are the new features?

Google's new features for local restaurants and hotels | Tech news

Highlight Your Business with Visual Icons

Colorful Highlight Icons will appear under your local search listing. Icons and gestures for restaurants & pubs will be added such as cozy, healthy options, good for kids, tourist, great beer selection and more and more. This new feature is designed to empower the user experience.

How can you add icon highlights to your Google’s business card?

Well… You cannot add them by yourself or by uploading the icons to your Google My Business account. Google reads your reviews and based on the reviews, Google will add new icons and highlights to your business card.

Notice: Google is still testing this feature and it is available now only on mobile search and appears on food services listings such as restaurants, coffee shops, bars, etc.’

Welcome to the Hotel California | A New feature for Hotels and Motels.

When you search on Google Maps for hotels and motels, you will easily notice the new Pricing Tags appearing on the map. Unlike the highlights icons, the price tag will be affected by the pricing on your website. This is why it’s so important to add microformats ( to your on-page SEO structure.  So next time when you need to find a room, check out this new feature.

Notice: You may experience this new feature only on the desktop version for now.

Good Services = Great Reviews

Is it a good or bad thing? It depends. Some businesses will be happy to have the new icons section on their Google’s card. On the other hand, businesses that have bad reviews might have highlight icons that will not flatter the business. Over all, we can’t do anything but give good services and hope our customers rank us for 5 stars and write a nice review.

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