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Everything Social Media | Introduction to Facebook

Everything Social Media | Introduction to Facebook

Everything Social Media | Introduction to Facebook

Introduction to Facebook:

This is a nice quick introduction to Facebook. In this article you will find the answer to basic questions such as: Who uses Facebook? Why is Facebook so popular? Do I need a Facebook Page? What is the goal of a Facebook Page? Do I need to advertise on Facebook?

Who uses Facebook?

Everyone. Well not everyone, but as of April 3, 2017 there were 1.86 Billion users (that’s right… billion). That is a lot of people and each day, week, month and year that number continues to skyrocket. 

On Facebook you can find a large assortment of people types. Young. Old. Business people. Consumers. 

But, why? Why are so many people using Facebook? What is the pull?

Why is Facebook so popular?

People love to socialize. We have an inherent need to interact and keep in touch. Some people put WAY too much online (we all know the ones that post when they have to use the bathroom) but, most people just use Facebook as a means to keep up with their family and friends. 

It goes further and deeper than this though. On Facebook, you can relax and get lost in posts, comments, videos and so on. Facebook offers an unending supply of videos whether, informational or entertaining. 

People just love Facebook and Facebook has responded by creating a relaxing environment for their users.

Does my business need a Facebook Page?

In one word: YES! Yes, your business needs a Facebook Page just like you need a website. When consumers are looking to fill a need what is one thing they do? They make a post on Facebook asking their friends which companies they use. Guess what their friends can do? Type in your business name. Now, if your business doesn’t have a business page then this just stays flat but, if you do have one guess what? When they type in your business name then their friend can click a link that takes them to your Facebook Page. 

Consumers can also search on Facebook for a local business. This turns Facebook into a search engine. If you don’t have a Facebook Page, the consumer may still be able to find your business however, it ends there. There’s no website to click to. No contact information. It’s like they say “yes, this business exists and we believe this is their information but, we’re really not sure”. Do you know what happens next? Your consumer moves onto a business that does have a Facebook Page. You have now lost a potential customer. 

Get started today by going to Facebook Business University. This is provided FREE by Facebook!

Once you have a business page though, you will wonder ‘what is the goal?’

What is the goal of a Facebook Page?

Simple answer: Get customers to your website! 

Deeper answer: Facebook is a type of inbound marketing. What is inbound marketing? Take a look at our article about it! Consumers love inbound marketing. As a fellow consumer (because we all are consumers), I prefer inbound marketing. I hate TV commercials and I haven’t listened to the regular radio in months. 

Facebook Users are looking for cool, informative Facebook Pages where business’ interact with their customers. They want to know who works at your business. They want to know that you are interested in them. A good Facebook Page will lead a customer seamlessly from the page to the website without them realizing it. It should feel natural. 

Does my business need to advertise on Facebook?

Easy answer: yes, yes you do.

How is this accomplished? Not in the traditional, obnoxious outbound marketing way! Facebook ads need to be carefully planned and executed. Done right, you build your audience. Done wrong, your audience drops like flies! 

Facebook is the most basic social media platform that you should use for your business. Personally, I think every business needs to start with setting up their Facebook page and then add other social media outlets like, Twitter, Instagram and so on depending on their business type.

Here at Buffalo-Booster, we help you properly navigate a Facebook Page.

Facebook info graph buffalo booster buffalo ny

Enjoy our Intro to Facebook Infograph!

Stay tuned to learn more about each aspect of Social Media!

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