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Buffalo Marketing | Lesson 2: Internet Marketing

Buffalo Marketing | Lesson 2: Internet Marketing

Buffalo Marketing | Lesson 2: Internet Marketing

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The world of internet marketing can seem like a winding, twisting road that never ends but, with a compass and a guide you can get to where you’re going!

What does Internet Marketing Include?

There is a whole wide world of internet marketing out there. From in-bound to out-bound, on-site and off-site SEO, social media marketing and beyond. In this post we merely highlight the main types of online marketing. We will have more articles to come that will break down each aspect of online marketing. 

SEO: Search Engine Optimization

SEO is vital to all websites (well at least the ones that want to be found!). SEO has both on-site a.k.a on page and off-site a.k.a off page aspects. Both can be useful however, on-site SEO is much more powerful since this allows for the best search results for consumers.

What is a Search Engine exactly? Well, the widest known Search Engine at this moment is, Google. Anytime a consumer uses Google (Bing, Yahoo,, etc.) to type in a search and they hit enter the search engine then lists it’s list of top results for the words use. 

For example, if you need to find a locksmith in Buffalo, NY., you can go to and type ‘locksmith Buffalo NY’, hit enter and then Google will list known (to Google) locksmiths in the area. From there you would start looking at the list. 99% of consumers are looking at the results on the first page. 

In order to appear on the first page of google for keywords relating to your business-type without paying for an ad, your website must include those keywords.

So, does your business need on-site SEO? YES! 

What is off-site SEO?

SEO is not when you’re paying for ads on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Good SEO places your website high in the search results without paying for an ad. Ads can be quite costly and they do not always offer consistency. For example, perhaps you are willing to pay Google $5.40/per phrase however, your competition might offer Google $5.50/per phrase. Guess who gets the ad placement? Hint: Not you! 

One of the off-site SEO techniques that Google looks for is called backlinking. Backlinking is when another business, website or social media outlet has a link that directs someone back to your website (or directly to a page or post). Google wants to give relevant data to its consumers. For example, if someone says they are a top OBGYN in Buffalo but, no one else on the internet agrees then Google may place them lower in search results. Backlinking must be done carefully since some backlinks from unknown or spammy websites can be considered as “toxic backlinks” and you don’t want your site to be listed on those sites. 

Do you need Off-site SEO? Yes but, it must be done correctly!

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What is the difference between inbound and outbound marketing?

Inbound Marketing vs Outbound Marketing:

Inbound marketing is getting someone’s attention and they decide to visit your site (or brick-and-mortar business). This includes good quality social media posts, blogging, vlogging, etc. 

Outbound marketing is paying for advertisements in hopes that a consumer will pick your product. This includes TV Commercials, Online Ads, Direct Mail, Direct Emailing, etc. 

Which one will you choose? Conventional wisdom says outbound but, modern day wisdom says Inbound all the way!


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There are many social media platforms. Which one(s) should you use? Buffalo Booster can help you decide!

Social Media: OMGosh where do I start?

There are so many social media outlets to choose from. Which ones are the right ones for your business? All of them? None of them? 

For certain, I will say that every business should and must create a Facebook (FB) fan page. Why? Well, for starters if you don’t do it Facebook will. If people search for your business on FB then FB will make a page for your business. FB is a huge inbound marketing tool that done right will lead customers to your website (which is the ultimate goal). FB also helps with your back linking strategy. 

From there we have Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, SnapChat, LinkedIN, Pinterest and so, so, so many others. Which ones should you use? It all depends on your business. Your business does not need to be on every social media outlet. We will have articles that will break down each one and during our free VIP consultation, we will discuss which ones we think you should use. 

Do I need to use Social Media? YES! Is there a right way and a wrong way? YES!

Stay tuned to learn more about each aspect of the wide world of internet marketing!

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