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Blogging for Business | Why Start a Company Blog?

Why Start a Company Blog?

Blogging for Business | Why Start a Company Blog | Buffalo, NY

Since we offer SEO website maintenance, we often have customers ask us why start a company blog? We decided that an article providing some reasons for starting a blog would be helpful. 

History of Blogs

Explaining the history of blogs requires flashing back to the 1980s. In the 1980s, Usenet was established. Usenet was established as a worldwide distributed discussion system that was available on computers. Users would post interesting news or posts from other parts of the world and share them with their network. This was essentially the birth of the internet forums many of us know today. 

Fast forwarding to the 1990s, Usenet became the internet and around that time, online diaries started out. Most of us remember the days of the online diary and we likely wish to forget them however, out of that came the blog. 

Originally blogs were an updated version of the online diary. Most blogs were personal in nature. As time went on though, blogs started to morph into more categories such as recipes, DIY projects and hobby related topics. Today blogs can be about any topic and can be considered a resource for information.

Why Start a Company Blog?

Blogging for business has similarities to normal blogs however, for them to be successful, you need to have a good strategy. As a business owner you’ve likely considered starting a blog and  there are some great reasons to establish one. Below are 5 reasons to start a blog for your business!

  1. Bring Organic Traffic to Your Website: By researching and choosing keywords and topics that directly relate to your business and writing blog articles about them, you will increase traffic to your website without having to pay for ads!
  2. Direct Traffic from Social Media Platforms: By posting your published articles to your social media pages, you increase traffic from those platforms to your website. Articles also give you great material for regular posts on those platforms such as, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on!
  3. Improve your SEO Ranking on Google: When you post consistent and well written articles on your website, this sends signals to Google and other search engines that you are a relevant source of information. This will boost your rank on Google, possibly landing you on page 1!
  4. Impress Your Customers: Having high quality, modern looking blog articles shows your customers that you are a resource for information that they can tap into. This in turn keeps them coming back to your site and spending extra time on it as well. 
  5. Enlist Subscribers and Followers: Using your articles to post on social media platforms and including a ‘subscribe’ form to your website will encourage users to sign up for more articles. These subscribers can be turned into lead generators by implementing a good email strategy.

These are just 5 reasons to think about. Blogs are hard work and there are some who think that blogs are a waste of time. We would agree with them on both counts! A good blog strategy includes consistency. Publishing articles requires at least 1 or 2 a month and we usually recommend 4 per month! There is a lot of time and research that goes into each one. Blogs can be a waste of time if you aren’t writing what your users want to read or you don’t structure the blogs according to SEO standards.

Despite the hard work that is involved in starting a company blog, we know that is worth it. We have included a follow-up article that teaches you how to write a great blog! We also have 2 videos about writing blogs for your business: Why Start a Company Blog and How to Write a Great Blog.


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