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Backlinking | Do’s & Don’ts List

As you start understanding more and more about SEO you will start to see that one of the backbone of a website is backlinking. What are backlinks? What does it mean for Google? Is it helping your website, or harming it? All of the answers are here!

Backlinking | Do’s & Don’ts

“You have to know the past to understand the present.”― Carl Sagan A little bit of history about backlinks. In the 90’s when the web was just starting up, there weren’t that many websites. Search engines were easy to manipulate. For example when you searched the word “history”, the website that used “history” the most on their website will come up first bot this didn’t that users were finding what  they were actually looking for. Exhausting right? The first search engine was called “web crawler” soon after many kinds of search engines started popping up as an result the websites industry started to blossom and users were “lost”. Back in ’97 a search engine named “Randex” developed  the wonderful algorithm that was adopted by google later on. The algorithm was simple, if a website had a backlink from a well known website then the website would come up first. For example: A backlink from the National Geographic website for a photographer would have much more impact on the search engine than a local plumber website backlinking to a different photographer. This is the core of google up until today.

So what we’ve learned? One good link = Gold.

How do you get a good link? One of many ways is to singn up for a local chamber of commerce, yelp, BBB or any other well known websites that users and Google are seeing as a healthy resource.

Types of backlinks

There are two types of links

  • nofollow = no  credit
  • dofollow = with credit

<a href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Nofollow</a><a href=”” rel=”dofollow”>Dofollow</a> 

What is the difference? A nonfollow/ nofallow link allows webmasters to control the SEO credit by defining the relationship between websites. Even though the link looks the same as all other links, with the “nofollow” link you won’t get any credit on Google,Yahoo or Bing for that link. A dofollow link allows the SEO juice to follow from their website to yours and this is the best kind of link. A simple example is when you type a comment on a website with a link to your website the comment section has a Nofollow relationship declared.

Spam backlinking

Lets hit reality for a second. You look at the information about backlinking and you feel like its too much work for you. Then you look for a better and faster way to promote your website so, you search on google for ” to buy backlinks”. you’ll find a “trustworthy” looking website that says $5 for 3000 backlinks, tempting, isn’t it? Be careful! Don’t hit the buy button because  not only are you wasting your money but, it won’t promote your website.It will push your website’s rank down or even dump it to Google’s blacklist, wich means your website will be gone forever and you don’t want to mess with Google.

Fun fact:  Google also hires SEO experts to promote their ranking in Google because, Google’s system claims to be clean and unbreakable.

Hope you’ve learned and enjoyed.

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