Meet our client: Bay Area Automatic Gates

gate repair in san jose

When you search Google “Gate in San Francisco,” you’ll probably find tons of links related to the Golden Gate. As an SEO company, we’re facing many obstacles when trying to rank phrases that have a lot of backlinks at the highest ranked websites on Google. Even if you search “Gates in San Francisco,” you’ll get […]

Web Designer in Buffalo,NY

Web Designer in Buffalo,NY

Web Designer in Buffalo,NY. In order to have your business website running, the designs must be impeccable. They need to be precise, compatible, and the technology employed needs to be modern. For smooth running of the website, professional input is fundamental. Finding the right guy to design your website is hard. In the world where […]

Web Design Company in Buffalo, NY

Web Design Company in Buffalo, NY

Web Design Company Businesses that need to increase the awareness about their activities use websites. All types of businesses can use the network for advertisement. Educational institutions, health organizations, agricultural firms and search engines are a few examples of such businesses. Owing to the fact that any website has the potential to reach a high […]

Freelance Web Designer in Buffalo,NY

Web Design Inspiration In Buffalo

Freelance web designer in Buffalo When developing a website for your business, it is easier to seek help from a known company. This saves you the risk of being conned or having under quality work done for you. However, not always do these companies respond to your requests. This is highly inconvenient on the client’s […]

Importance of SEO to businesses

Web Design Inspiration In Buffalo

Importance of SEO to businesses What is SEO? This is a question asked by many people. SEO are abbreviations for Search Engine Optimization. SEO contains very many strategies and best practices whose main aim is to improve the position of your website into the search engines. SEO can either break or make your business. Therefore […]

Web Design for WordPress

Web Design Inspiration In Buffalo

Web Design for WordPress  WordPress is simply a free web software from which you can use to come up with a high performing website. Earlier on, WordPress was just a blogging system but as days go by, it has greatly transformed and today, it is used as a content management system. Some designers say that […]

Web Design Inspiration In Buffalo

Web Design Inspiration In Buffalo

Reach A Larger Audience With Web Design Inspiration in Buffalo, NY. Any person wishing to reach a wide audience seeks innovative methods to advertise. Advertising is however expensive if you think about it. So, if you are a small business looking to capture more clients, then you need to make sure that your publicizing cost […]

Blogging for Business | Why Start a Company Blog?

Why Start a Company Blog?| Buffalo Booster | Buffalo, NY

Why Start a Company Blog? Since we offer SEO website maintenance, we often have customers ask us why start a company blog? We decided that an article providing some reasons for starting a blog would be helpful.  History of Blogs Explaining the history of blogs requires flashing back to the 1980s. In the 1980s, Usenet […]

How to Write a Great Blog for Your Business!

How to Write a Great Blog | Buffalo Booster Buffalo, NY

How to Write a Great Blog for Your Business! In the previous article, we discussed why to start a company blog. This article will teach you how to write a great blog article. Great blog articles are not only structured correctly for SEO purposes but, ones that you readers will enjoy! Check out our How […]

New Facebook Marketplace Feature

Facebook Marketplace Update | Buffalo Booster, Buffalo, NY

Facebook News | New Facebook Marketplace Feature, What Could it Mean for Your Business? On October 3 2016, Facebook released Facebook Marketplace. It was first released in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand. Marketplace is another source for finding items for sale near you. How does this impact small businesses? Keep reading! Marketplace Timeline […]

SEO in 2018 | Plan Your Strategy Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO in 2018 | Plan Your Strategy Ahead of Your Competitors

SEO in 2018 | Plan Your Strategy Ahead of Your Competitors Better sooner than later. Even though we are nearing the end of 2017, it’s really important to know and think how to attack our competitors on Google before they do! There are many factors you should consider in your SEO strategy. Imagine you are […]

Is Duplicate Content Killing Your Website’s Rank?

Apple on a stack of books | Is Duplicate Content Killing Your Website's Rank? Buffalo Booster, Buffalo NY

Is Duplicate Content killing your website’s rank? Imagine you’re back in school. For some that could be the good ol’ days and for others that’s the days they wish to forget. Either way, close your eyes and think back to your English teacher giving you an assignment to write a report on your favorite animal […]

Google’s New Features for Local Restaurants and Hotels.

Google's new features for local restaurants and hotels | Tech news

On June 27, 2017 Google announced that they are adding two new features that will improve your local business visibility. These features are still in the testing phase. What does this mean for your business and what are the new features? Highlight Your Business with Visual Icons Colorful Highlight Icons will appear under your local […]

Backlinking | Do’s & Don’ts List

backlinking strategy | Buffalo Ny

As you start understanding more and more about SEO you will start to see that one of the backbone of a website is backlinking. What are backlinks? What does it mean for Google? Is it helping your website, or harming it? All of the answers are here! Backlinking | Do’s & Don’ts “You have to know […]

Dominate Google | Keyword Research

If you own a private clinic or are running a big practice, you probably don’t think about your website as a patient that needs to be treated. That is wrong!