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An elegant web design for a locksmith shop

Hi all, to day I want to share a special project for a locksmith shop that I’ve built with Elementor Pro. The web-design process was fun. Shawn the shop owner, asked me to design a neat logo – “as you did for Mobile Locksmith Squad” said Shawn.

Locksmith Logo

I love to download vector files from VectEezy or DepositPhotos and manipulate them with Corel Draw. After choosing the perfect character, I changed the apparel colors to be yellow and black, which are the Power Tools main colors.

I’ve removed the ranch and implemented a car key remote form another file. Yes, our logo is ready!

Web design process

Designing locksmiths websites is not a copy-paste or buying a $39 theme. When you want to build a brand for the long term, you must think differently. With Shawn I started from scratch. All I knew is that I want to have a black ground. With this in mind, I put  the logo on the top. Immediately I understood that the logo should go out of the header boundaries. I’ve placed a fixed background and designed the body to be half transparent at certain points.

I have manipulated the logo and used it all over the website. The cute locksmith character made the locksmith website look Cool!

Locksmith services on steroids.

Shawn was very pleased with the outcome result. Elegant Lock & Key is now a brick and mortar locksmith shop located on 802 N Washington Ave, Scranton, PA 18509. They are opening and expanding their opening hours while all the others are narrowing hours of operation and closing down their locksmith businesses. The young folks that run the business are very passionate regarding locksmith services. I asked them: “What is so attractive in Scranton?” and they answered immediately “We want to give a locksmith services on steroids”, I don’t know what about you, but I’ve convinced!

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