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Amir Cohen's studio

Since 1993, when I bought my first PC with Windows 3.1 & Photoshop 2.0, I knew that all I want to do… to be a professional computer graphic designer. Throughout the years I had worked for mega companies in Israel. At 2013 I had moved with my family to Buffalo, NY. At 2016, I’ve established Buffalo Booster .



Design a custom website for your needs

Designing a website is not a child’s play. A great user interface & user experience (UI/UX) can significantly impact the conversion percentage of your website. When there is no a personal touch, a website might look as a scam to users. You and I together will work in order to achieve a personal & professional look for your business’s website.

At 1996, I’ve started learning HTML. An annoying modem sound blasted my ears whenever I had to use the internet. The World Wide Web as we use to call it. Imagine yourself the internet with no Google nor Facebook. GIF images as banners, 800 pixels were the most extensive standard for designing a website. Since then I’ve never stopped learning. Macromedia Flash, ASP. Then the Dot-com bubble made me seek for a different option. At 2010, I fell back in love with the internet by learning CSS, then PHP, jQuery & a little bit of Javascript.

Seo & SMM strategy

After arriving Buffalo, NY. I 

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