A VIP customer, what does that mean?

VIP customer | Buffalo Booster | web design buffalo ny

You are welcome to meet with the designer and get your website or other graphic designs to your satisfaction. Designing online is exciting! You will watch all the processes and be aware of all the details. This service isn't available with other companies.

VIP customer | Buffalo Booster | web design buffalo ny

Up to date information - in every way! You can get us thru all the traditional ways, but the coolest thing I love to do is to open a Whatsapp group with all it may entail. This way you will get a quick response and will be able to control every project.

speed is important cause time is money | Buffalo Booster | website design in Buffalo NY

If speed is what you need... We act fast, no 'Wait for the team to gather', no 'This will take 5-6 weeks' or so. We are here to boost your marketing, and we're gonna' take your business out of the dirt roads directly to the highway. Push the gas pedal and call us.

VIP customer | Buffalo Booster | web design buffalo ny

Buffalo Booster in a nutshell.

When you meet the Buffalo Boosters, you'll notice at once that we are Geeks. Amir Cohen, the founder, chief designer and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) specialist, has over 20 years of experience.

With Buffalo Booster you're safe. We have no long terms contracts to tie you up, we know you will stay with us 'cause you'll see results. We know our job and we know you will appreciate it, as we appreciate you as our precious client.

Boosting Small Businesses in Buffalo NY | Buffalo Booster | web design buffalo ny

Boosting Small Businesses in Buffalo NY

Hello dear small business owner. Like you, we are also a small business eager to promote your merchandise to our local community in Buffalo NY, thru Erie county as well as the whole world.

We will promote your business only after a meeting in your business, analyzing your competition and identifying your needs so we can share the results with you for FREE.

Boosting Small Businesses in Buffalo NY | Buffalo Booster | web design buffalo ny

What is the best Marketing Strategy for your business?

While there are many companies offering many solutions for tons of money, we will do it more simply. Business strategies built according to your budget and targets make the advertising, workflow and design processes clear as crystal.

After understanding your business goals, we will do a keyword research with Google tools. The keyword research allows us to analyze exactly how many people in your desired area searched over the past year for your services. We will study if your business has low, medium or high competition for every keyword phrasing that we want the search engines to rank.

Boosting Small Businesses in Buffalo NY | Buffalo Booster | webdesign buffalo ny

Legal online industrial intelligence.

We won't "Hack to Nowhere!" But we will definitely take a deep look into your competitors websites and their online marketing strategies. Legal intelligence means that we will explore any mentions, backlinks, keywords and all others public advertising campaigns your competitor is using.

Get ready to get results! If your page is way beyond the Google first page, don't worry. We will use our experience and knowledge to definitely get you there.